Diamond Dressing Tools and its Significance

What would be your reaction if someone brings out a handful of tiny stones from their pocket, unveiled them to be diamonds, and begin to mash them into fine dust? Many might think the person is crazy and rightly so, but they hardly realize the fact that only 20% of the diamonds are actually used for diamond dressing. About 80% of the diamonds excavated are not suitable for the purpose of diamond dressing tools.


To manufacture the high quality Chisel Type Diamond Dressing Tools, one would need to use the special stones in shank dimensions at different angles. Furthermore, these are prepared in the angle ranging from 25° - 85° and 0.002 - 0.040 in nose radius for different applications.


Types of Diamond Dressing Tools:


  • Single Point Diamond Dressing Tools
  • Multi Point Diamond Dressers
  • Blade Type Diamond Dressing Tools
  • Impregnated Dressing Tools
  • Roller Diamond Dressing Tools


Diamond: Not Just a Rock, But a Powder as well


The diamond powder utilizes in cutting, grinding materials like glass, tiles, and ceramics. Diamond powder is especially suitable for those surfaces where the tolerance is only a few microns. Certainly, the diamond powder offered by Comet is acknowledged as one of the hardest known abrasives. The powder has a wide range of use in the industries, especially those associated to grinding and polishing.