Dressing tools that offer precision and optimum setting



Precious stones like diamonds require specialized equipment which will ensure the right setting and precision of the same. In order to make the best arrangement of the precious stones, Comet Engineering Company offers a wide range of diamond dressing tools that will prove to be the right investment for your business. For a successful diamond dressing, it is important to use high quality tools which are easy to operate and ensure a higher result. Comet Engineering Company understands the specific demands for every business and offers high quality diamond cutting tools that are durable and an ideal investment.


If you are looking for diamond paste or diamond tools, Comet Engineering Company has a wide range to offer. The company ensures that all the tools are light in weight, easy to operate and best suited for your business. The multi-point diamond dresser is available in two types- one is the cluster type diamond dresser where a pair of diamonds is mounted on the tool and the other one is multi point indexable crown type diamond dresser where the diamonds are mounted on a circular crown and once used, the same can be readjusted on the shank. The diamond dresser is an essential tool for the setting of the diamonds in an easy and precise manner. Diamonds are precious stones which cost a huge amount, this requires specific tools to ensure that there is no damage to the stone and there is no wastage of the same.